Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mark Driscoll in Edinburgh This Weekend

When I first heard about this I was very skeptical that Mark would come along to Edinburgh, what with the huge number of speaking engagements he must be offered on a daily basis. So I am thrilled to announce that Mark will be in Edinburgh this weekend, and you will be able to catch him at a number of different venues.

  • Friday 16th 7pm Destiny Edinburgh Destiny Edinburgh is hosting a leaders meeting with Mark Driscoll. If you want to attend you'll need to email Destiny first - check the link above for more details.

  • Saturday 17th 9.30am Men Makers Mark Driscoll will be the keynote speaker at this annual conference. Its for men only (sorry girls), and I strongly encourage all Edinburgh men of faith to come along.

  • Sunday 18th 10am Destiny Edinburgh Mark with be preaching at Destiny Church Edinburgh.

  • Sunday 18th 12noon Destiny Edinburgh Mark will be preaching at the lunchtime service as well.

  • Sunday 18th 6pm - GLASGOW Mark's last public speaking engagement in Scotland will be with Destiny Church Glasgow, at 6pm.

UPDATE: Adrian (didn't realise he was around and didn't see him unfortunately!) has provided a detailed synopsis of both Mark's preach on Friday, Andrew Owen's preach on Saturday, and Mark's first preach on Saturday.


Paul Ede said...

I'll go to his talk in Glasgow cos I cant make Friday night or Saturday

Church Steve said...

Why a men only meeting? Shame on you. Christianity is an equal opportunities religion. Jesus ministered to bleeding women in a male hegemony. Why can't you follow his example?

Alastair said...

If I recall Jesus often had "men only" meetings with his disciples...

Church Steve said...

Yes, and there are those who argue that women should not be ordained on the strength of that. Is that the school of thought that Mark Driscoll belongs to?
A 'men only' meeting in 2007 seems to me to be sending the wrong message out to around half the population.
What will be said that women should not be party to?

Alastair said...

This meeting is not about excluding women, but about encouraging men. My wife often likes to hang out with her female friends, as its simply a different dynamic compared to men being there. That's not discrimination! Likewise, at times I enjoy hanging out with just my male friends. Men and women are created with equal dignity, value and worth before God. But God created them to be different, and its simply a truism that there are time when a womens-only meeting, or a mens-only meeting, is appropriate. Its PC-nonsense to suggest that by doing so women or men are being discriminated against.

As to Mark Driscoll's "school of thought", he has publically stated his beliefs, and this isn't the place to debate them. I do know that both men and women serve and lead at his own church.

Does that help?