Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wright fuming over UK adoption fiasco

I can't take much credit for this post, as its pretty much nicked from Times Columns blogger Ruth Gledhill. But since N T Wright is much appreciated round here, I thought this was worth reposting:

There is no way that the Catholic Church is going to change its mind on this one given 18 months or so...This completely fails to take into account the views and beliefs of all those involved. The idea that New Labour - which has got every second thing wrong and is backtracking on extended drinking hours, is in a mess over this cash-for-peerages business, cannot keep all its prisons under control - the idea that New Labour can come up with a new morality which it forces on the Catholic Church after 2,000 years - I am sorry - this is amazing arrogance on the part of the Government.

Legislation for a nouveau morality is deeply unwise. That is not how morality works. At a time when the Government is foundering with so many of its policies - and I haven't even mentioned Iraq - the thought that this Government has the moral credibility to be able tell the Roman Catholic Church how to order one area of its episcopal teaching is frankly laughable. When you think about it like that, it is quite extraordinary. I suppose the hope is that in 18 months time there will be a different Prime Minister who might take a different view, and this will kick it into the long grass until then.


See the full story at Ruth Gledhill's blog.

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