Friday, November 17, 2006

Hotting up the marriage bed

Too many Christians believe in a watered down theology of sexuality. Mark Driscoll says it well:

Sadly, too often the message of the Christian church to men and women is be a virgin until you get married and do not commit adultery when you are married. While this is true, it is also incomplete. What is sometimes lacking is full, free, and frank teaching from such books as the Song of Songs about the sexual liberties that can be enjoyed by married couples.

Personally I cannot remember ever hearing a sermon (in church) on Christian sex. Strange, because a lack of wisdom, teaching and discussion in this area can lead to sexual sin which causes immense damage to relationships, families, children, churches, and communities. People often ask probing questions about the theology and life of their leaders and teachers, in order to ensure they are under proper "covering". But I think a more appropriate question would be to inquire of their sex life.

Thankfully Internet ministries such as Marriage Bed and XXXChurch (see links on right) are tackling this area head on, for the glory of God. However its about time this frank discussion filtered down to off-net communities as well.

Please use this thread to comment on the issue in general. All perspectives welcome!


Anthony said...

Driscoll preached through The Song of Songs, and the audio can be found on, in case you are interested.

Sensuous Wife said...

Hot sex and godliness are not contradictory. They really belong together. Solomon and Shulamith weren't playing Parcheesi or singing Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen! (giggle)

Nope. They were really goin' at it. Passionately. I'd even go so far as to say they probably got in their target heart rate a few times! ;)

I think it's very valid to let single adults know how hot true oneness can be while we're asking them to avoid the sin and addiction that will bruise or damage the oneness they may share with their spouse. Like I say on my blog welcome, "hot married sex is worth waiting for. trust me."

Alastair said...

LOL! You said it...

mrssaf said...

I kind of wandered across this blog and topic and I agree 100%. Married sex is hot, steamy and fun! But, the great thing is God has annointed it not jsut condoned it! What more can you ask for?